4 Challenges You Will Encounter When Scaling Your Business

Many of our clients are business owners like yourself. 99 out of a 100 times, all of them would want to grow their businesses. However, most of them only think about the increase of sales revenue and not the challenges that they need to solve to support such scaling. As such, these individuals may be stuck with an incomplete infrastructure to support their business when it grows bigger.

Here are some of the common problems that our clients of many different industries have faced:

1) An increase in sales when expanding causes a messy inventory

With more business, comes more sales. As such, business owners of certain industries (such as those selling fashion accessories or food products) have much more stock flowing in and out of the company. When this happens, a lot of our clients face an issue keeping track of all these stocks that are being distributed all over the place.

2) No way to track all financial statements at once

More money will be distributed throughout the company when a business expands. Your invoices, quotations, sales orders, etc. will be all over the place. As such, it is hard to accurately track the financial transitions within the company.

3) Losing track of their next-steps in sales

With alot more clients coming in, business owners often lose track of what they have to do next to seal the deal. Many owners forget to call or email a client before a meeting. They also lack a platform to type all their meeting notes and see a summary of their client meetings with the click of a button.

4) Human Resource Management

With more employees coming in as the business expands, owners may find a difficult time managing a sudden increase in man-power just using excel sheets. It is impossible to track and pay every single one of their employees with old, non-scalable solutions. They will also need to manage additional human resources like leaves, medical issues and company monetary claims.

These are some issues to think about when you want to scale your business. When clients approach us with these challenges, we give them an all-in-one business management system. Our system will be able to solve all these issues (and many more) and make them interlinked to one another. For example, accounts and inventory management will be linked such that you know how much the stock value is worth and how much profit can be earned.

I hope sharing the challenges most of our clients’ face has been able to help you visualize the issues you may encounter. If you are interested in hearing about our business management system, feel free to contact us here.