Getting Rid of Pen & Paper Methods – Is it really worth it?

In modern society, technology like smartphones, SmartTVs and laptops are ubiquitous to us. Almost everyone in Singapore owns a piece of such technologies.

Why? The answer is simple: Convenience!

The digital age has pampered us to the point that we tend to forget what such devices has done for us. Such technologies can not only be used for our PERSONAL purposes, but can be used in other contexts as well.

More than 50% of Singapore Business Owners are still using old pen & paper methods to keep tabs on business operations. They do not utilize the technology around them properly. In my personal experience, I’ve seen a client use an iPhone but instead choose to store contacts on a 300-page thick phone book. As Business owners, upgrading your own skills to fit the current age is important as change is necessary for businesses to grow.

But is it worth the trouble to switch your business tracking methods from pen and paper to software? Let’s find out the common problems most business owners face and see how we can go about tackling them.

1. Transferring all my old data from one platform to another is a very tedious process, why would I want to do that?

Answer: It is true that old data stored over the years will be a hassle to bring over to a new platform. One of our clients have had over 300 pages of vital information that needed to be transferred over. However, what business owners need to remember is that this is one-time process and from then onwards, the efficiency of your operations can improve by at least 200%. Everything that you previously needed to track by hand is now automated. No longer will you need to triple-check your stock at the end of each day to make sure it tallies as there will be no room for human error. Additionally, transferring all these information over also means an improvement in data tracking. You are now able to foresee all your transactions immediately and come up with better business decisions.

2. Learning a new system seems daunting, there are too many functions to know.

Answer: This is a misconception that most traditional business owners have. In actual fact, old pen and paper methods are more complicated than a software itself. Many software’s today are catered to people of all ages. Navigation throughout software is made to be simple and easy to use. Furthermore, most software comes with training packages and lessons which can help impart new skills to employees who are not competent in such technologies.

3. It is expensive to own such a system.

Answer: Money is the first thing that will come up to any entrepreneur’s mind. Everyone wants to earn more and cut losses. Sure, an electronic system may cost a certain amount of money. However, its usefulness in cutting man-hours to do certain tasks can allow you or your employees to focus on other more important tasks at hand. This can in turn push the business to further heights as the company is now more productive. One needs to realise that such software is an investment and the returns will only be determined by how willingly and efficiently you use this tool.

These are the 3 most common problems that business owners face. If you happen to have been thinking about such issues, I hope that my answers will make you open up to the option of having software to manage your businesses.

Someone once told me

“The goal for an entrepreneur is to go on holiday for three months and never have to touch your business while it continues to bring in money”.

Take the first step to achieve this dream and fully automate your business processes.