How You Can Generate More Sales with a Faster Website

You have a website showcasing your business and it looks like a masterpiece. You are proud of it, except that it takes a little long to load. This becomes problematic. Because you are losing customers and you aren’t aware of it.

What can you do about it?

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Sales Potential of Websites

In 2016, sales made via websites has come up to US$707,000,000 in Asia Pacific alone. On the global front, business-to-consumer e-commerce has generated about US$1,700,000,000 in sales revenue!

Imagine garnering just 1% of that pie, you could be making 17 million dollars!

Losing Business with Slow Websites

There are a grand total of 966 million websites around the world. Today’s digital landscape has become more cluttered than before. Internet users have lower attention span, and they value speed and efficiency. The longer your website takes to load, the more likely visitors will abandon your website.

Sales conversion rates drop for every second of delay on your website. Research has shown that a second of delay will result in a loss of conversion by 7%. For e-commerce honcho Amazon, this translates to a loss of US$1.6 billion annually.

So, if you are making $100k per day, you are unwittingly losing $2.5m in a year with a slow website.

Digital 2.0: Going Mobile

The mobile device market has finally surpassed the number of computer desktop users. People are becoming more digitally engaged than before with the advent of smartphones. The speed on a mobile device is mostly limited by the speed of their network. Unlike desktop web connections that can run on blazing fast fibre-optic network, mobile devices on 3G network run at a speed of 384Kbps, which is 0.4% of the standard speed of fibre-optic at 1Gbps. Even on 4G LTE, the speed is limited to 5Mbps, which is only 8% of fibre-optic speed.

If your webpage contains 10MB of images and data, it will only finish loading after 30 seconds on a mobile device. This makes your website a “visitor repellant”, “bouncing” away visitors or potential clients from your website. In SEO term, we call that the bounce rate.

Why Is My Website Sluggish?

There are six reasons why your website is not performing to its fullest potential:

  1. Too many images
  2. Slow server speed
  3. Compression not enabled
  4. Images not optimised for web viewing
  5. Minifying of website content
  6. Caching of website content

We shall touch more on these in our upcoming articles.

Getting More Help

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